General Studies Integrated(Prelims cum Mains)

General Studies Integrated(Prelims cum Mains)

What do you Study ?

  • General Studies Integrated(Prelims+Mains) Program contains Prelims+Mains Coaching
  • Prelims – General Studies Paper I & Paper II (CSAT)
  • Main – General Studies Papers I, Paper II, Paper III & Paper IV and Essay Writing
  • Current Affairs, Daily News Analysis and MCQ’s
  • Interview Guidance (for all students when they clear the Prelims and Main stages)

General Studies Integrated(Prelims+Mains) Course Practice

  1. We have identified static portions of the syllabus keeping in mind the previous year’s Prelims questions. Based on this, we have carefully selected static questions to cover not only probable questions but also basic questions that will help build a strong foundation.
  2. For questions from current affairs, we have consulted extensively with our own team of experts to come up with a pool of questions that can have a high probability of being asked by the UPSC.
  3. We believe that our method of selecting topics and picking questions is one among the best in India and we have great faith that every question you will attempt will be within the bracket of UPSC relevance.
  4. All the foundation students will undergo 70 Test series exams (Prelims – 30 and Mains – 40) which will prepare the aspirants to easily crack the exams by gaining complete strategy and in depth Insights.
  5. Vignan IAS Academy  has created unique strategy for all aspirants based on the competency level of students, Each student is advised to follow the strategy to gain more experience of real time UPSC exams.

Other Courses Offered by VIA:

  • Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT)
  • Essay writing
  • General Studies (Prelim cum Mains)
  • Public Administration Optional
  • Geography Optional
  • Psychology Optional
  • Sociology Optional
  • Political Science & IR Optional
  • Philosophy Optional
  • Anthropology Optional
  • Economics Optional
  • History Optional

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