Inter/Degree with IAS

Becoming an IAS Officer is one of chosen dream job from childhood these days.  Aspirant to succeed his dream career job, he should have a deep knowledge of Indian – Society, Politics, Economics, Geographical, International affairs and more.

An IAS/UPSC aspirant need to start well in advance such that they not only attain the basic knowledge but also gain the ability to prove their opinion and ideas about a topic. Vignan IAS Academy offers Inter/Degree with IAS course for all UPSC aspirants who are focused to become and IAS and IPS officers.

Vignan IAS Academy –Inter/Degree with IAS Course program is primarily a foundation IAS course program for IAS preparation. After completion of the graduation, you can appear for the civil services examination. This foundation course will be useful in multi-dimensional way.

We offer specialized training in which we teach the skills that are needed by you in your career-journey and help you choose your profession at very early stages of life. Many of other aspirants choose IAS as career after completion of education in IIT, IIM, Medicine, but with Vignan IAS Academy guidance we help every aspirant to choose his career to become an IAS Officer. This enables the aspirant to choose his Inter/Degree subjects which align to UPSC subject and Optional subjects, in addition to traditional Inter/Degree subjects Vignan IAS UPSC expert faculty will teach UPSC syllabus to aspirant from very beginning stage. This helps the student of Vignan IAS Academy to accure the chances of selecting for IAS in First attempt.

Our Mission to start Inter/Degree with IAS Course is to enhance your ability to enable you to deal with the exams, interviews and showcase your competency to be result oriented.

Excellence in the profession requires individuals to examine and understand the pattern of qualifying exams and interviews.

Our VIGNAN IAS ACADEMY enables individuals to develop the required self-awareness, mental flexibility, and emotional well being to achieve excellence in IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS etc. and in any Public or Private sector.

The methodology of the training is comprehensive and concentrate on specific practical and implementable knowledge.

About the Inter/Degree with IAS:

Duration of the Course: 3 years

Year 1 and Year 2 – What does the student study here ?

Vignan IAS Academy’s Inter /Degree with IAS course shows 250+ articles from multiple areas like History, Geography of the World , Polity Governance, Constitution, Social Justice, International relations, Technology, Economic Development, Bio diversity, Environment, Security, Disaster Management, Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude. More details related to the student and syllabus refer to UPSC Syllabus Section of Vignan IAS.

Year 3 – What does the student study here ?

This is crucial time for the aspirant to get prepared for IAS examination, Since in Year 1 and Year 2 Student will complete all the static syllabus of UPSC and followed UPSC Current affairs and Daily News Analysis. Vignan IAS Academy conducts Quality Test series for all students who enrolled for Inter/Degree with IAS course during the final year and make the aspirant prepared to actual UPSC exam. Student will have Option to enroll the Test series conducted by Vignan IAS Academy either through Online or Offline Test series program. Student will be provided with complete feedback by UPSC expert teachers. Vignan IAS Academy will groom the students in all aspects of UPSC with best teaching methodologies, so that aspirant enrolled with Inter/Degree with IAS Course will all more advantage and knowledge in UPSC exam pattern and methodology. This saves huge amount of time for young aspiring minds to become IAS Officer.

Success Framework for Inter/Degree with IAS ?

We focus on building your personal awareness framework through FIVE-FORMULA subjects- that includes

  • Aptitude and Reasoning
  • English Language Skills (both written and spoken)
  • General Awareness
  • Basic of General studies
  • Training in Soft Skills

Aptitude and Reasoning

  • An Aptitude test evaluates the ability to perform a certain task with no prior Knowledge. It includes Numerical Tests, verbal tests, deductive reasoning tests, inductive reasoning and so on. Reasoning tests the logical knowledge of the candidate. It includes coding- decoding making judgments, wen diagrams and arrangement of word.
  • Aptitude and reasoning are most important areas in CAT, MAT, G MAT etc.

General English Language Skills

  • We know the role of English in our lives now a days . Basic English Grammar includes Tenses, Voice, Pans of speech, Articles’, Direct and indirect Speech etc are essential to achieve in any exam. Vocabulary, usage, correction of sentences, Antonyms, Synonyms are inevitable in addition.

General Awareness

  • IT means knowledge about the present happenings; General Awareness and current Affairs form an important and inevitable part & exam. General Knowledge cannot be attained overnight. We teach the student on national and international events with sociology, economic, political and historical background.

Basic of General studies

In all competitive exams, General studies play a vital role. It includes science, History, Economy, Geography and Indian constitution. We teach basics of these studies.It also covers like

  • How to read News paper
  • Conceptual clarity
  • Concepts of Indian society
  • Ethics and morals

Soft skills

  • We need not to reiterate the significance of personality Development course among the youth
  • We have meticulously designed a 5-day course in this regard- named “Selfie”.
  • Selfie- A unique Personality Development Program.
  • Selfie- Reinvent and Redesign.
  • There is nothing more unique then you in this world.
  • Rediscover your talents and abilities through this amazing life skills program.

Key Features of Inter/Degree with IAS Course

  • 3 years Integrated course with best Strategy enhancing the chances of Selecting in First attempt
  • Provides best UPSC Study material printed and as well as Classroom dynamic hand written materials.
  • Small batch sizes and persona mentoring for every student enrolled for Inter/Degree with IAS Course
  • Adopt the most advanced technological of audio-videos, pictorial representations so as to build realistic understanding on the subject-matter.
  • Develop Classroom communication with interactive sessions.
  • Complete UPSC Static Syllabus of all Subjects with ample time spent for explanation for every topic
  • Regular Classroom Test series and Mock exams to evaluate the readiness
  • Motivational and Personal Development classes from IAS, IRS, IFS, IRTS officers.
  • Enables the Student to prioritize the topics and read from various sources of News
  • Build Strong foundation of confidence with clarity towards the answers for difficult examinations.
  • Experienced faculty having 10+ years of teaching experience and retired from IAF services
  • 90 % of success in cracking for UPSC examinations in first attempt for students enrolled with Vignan IAS’s Inter/Degree with IAS program.